Lighten Your DARK NECK at HOME | How to Get Rid of Dark Neck for Indian Men


Indian Men’s Guide presents Homemade remedy to Lighten your Dark Neck

This homemade remedy is for all those who suffer from DARK neck. You can easily get rid of Dark skin on your neck. You just have to follow simple steps to remove darkness from your neck. And germs or bad hygenie is not the only reason causing darkness on your neck.

Most common reasons for Dark Neck are –

• Excess Exposure to Sun
• Hyperpigmentation
• Excess Sweating
• Bad Hygeine

With this dark neck whitening DIY, you can easily get rid of dark neck fast.


For deep cleansing, use Rose water or any other cleanser. With the very first application, your skin will get light.


To make this Scrub, you’ll need –
• Baking Soda – Lighten the skin as it as bleaching agents to make skin brighter. Lightens dark patches.
• Lemon – Lemon has skin lightening effect.
• Coconut oil – Moisturizes your skin and helps you get rid of dark skin very fast.


For moisturizing, we will use Aloe vera gel as it lightens skin tone and promotes formation of new cell.

— TIPS —

• Drink lots of water to stay hydrated because dehydration also causes darkening of skin.

If you don’t see any improvement or it does not lighten your dark neck, then please see a doctor as it can be a fungal or bacterial infection that can only be treated with prescribed medicines.

For better understanding, please watch this video on Dark Neck Skin Lightening, it will surely help you –

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck for Men | in HINDI | INDIAN MEN’S GUIDE