How to Lighten Dark Lips at Home Naturally | Lip Care for Men 💋


In this video, Gaurav Jain has explained 3 easy steps to lighten dark lips naturally.

First step is Exfoliation. He has listed some combinations of ingredients to make lips scrub at home. This acts as the best dark lips remedy for men as well as women, as it removes the dead skin from the upper layer of lips.

Second step is Moisturizing. This step is also very important to turn dark lips to pink lips or you can say appearance of pink/soft lips because it makes them fuller by removing the dryness and blackness from the lips. Its very important to apply any moisturizing agent twice a day.

Third step is Protection. After all this hard work, our lips need protection from further damages. So in order to protect lips , we need to apply the best lip balm for men, that consists of SPF 15+.

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