Fashion MISTAKES Indian Men Make | Men’s Fashion 2019


In this article, Gaurav Jain has shared some common Fashion mistakes men make. These men’s fashion faux paus help us learn from our mistakes. I’ve pointed out these mistakes and have guided my brothermen to learn these men’s fashion tips as it will help them in having a better understanding of Fashion and developing a good sense of Fashion among them.

Indian Men Fashion is a bit different from other countries as India has a diversified fashion style as different states have a completely different essence to its fashion statement.

7 Fashion Mistakes –

• Deep V Neck T Shirt – There is a fashion trend these day, many guys buy deep V neck T-shirts without realizing that neck so deep becomes a top for women.

• Untucking Dress Shirts

• Sandal and Socks

• Obsession with white socks.

• Mismatching styles thinking of it as experimenting.

• Under dressing or Over dressing

• Difference between Fit & Uncomfortable

Fashion MISTAKES Indian Men Make | Men’s Fashion 2019