Every guy faces the problem of Patchy beard. In this video, I’m sharing a quick fix to fill in patchy beard instantly. This is only a trick to fix it. In my next posts or videos, I’ll sharing proper solution for growing full beard without patches.

So, for this trick we will use an Eyebrow Definer/ Brow Pencil which you can get from any cosmetics shop. Previous video on HOW TO GROW BEARD FASTER – https://youtu.be/w4fZ6J3yRXQ

Tips to fill Patchy beard

Use Castor oil – It promotes facial hair growth.

Use Onion Juice – It helps reduces falling out of beard hair and promotes new growth.

Regular combing your beard will stimulate hair follicles on your cheeks.

Maintain Proper diet as diet is the key factor for growth in your body. Eat food rich in Protein, Vitamins & fibres.

Let it Grow – Wait patiently and let it grow for atleast 2 months.

For a better clarity on how to fix patchy beard, do watch this video.

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