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Always wondered how to grow beard faster and thicker ? Tired of patchy beard!? Then this article is the solution for you! This can’t change the genetic cause of poor or uneven growth, but it will surely help you to improvise your beard.

Beard Growth depends on many factors, most important factors are –

• Testosterone level – The levels of testosterone in your body largely effects the beard growth or growth of facial hairs.

• Genetics – The genetics effect the density of your beard, the color and the area of growth depends on genetics.

• Diet – If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately, there is less chance for you to grow that manly beard.

Before moving to what the solution is, let me first take you all through a tour of some common myths of beard growth.

The most common myth that revolves around beard hair growth it that it grows till the age of 20 (Come on Dude! Science still exists! It depends entirely on your hormonal cycle).  The other funny thing/myth that I came across was blade/shave your beard area continuously in order to get a perfect one (Are you serious?????). The last one and hilarious of all being the definition of a full beard that people give and assume it to be a connected hairline from your upper lip area to chin ( Beard is a BEARD!!! No connections please!)

Ah! These myths gave me a terrible headache and I of course had to come up with a full proof solution to save the PLANET! So basically beard growth can be stimulated by using beard oil. Now there are two ways, either you get a paid one or a make beard oil for yourself. Let’s start with the paid method and keep patience for the next one!

So here’s the magic formula- Minoxidil Oil-5% (Tiding tiding!). Yes, it will burn a hole in your pocket because it costs nearly 500-600 bucks, but the results are fast and awesome. It is too simple to use. This comes with a spray and a dropper. All you have to do is put some oil in dropper and apply on face and massage lightly. Woooosh! It works! (Only if you apply it regularly for nearly a month!)

BUY MINOXIDIL OIL from here – or you can buy it from nearby chemist.

Generally, this oil is not advisable for boys of 17-18 years of age, they should ideally wait till they are 21-22 and if the beard growth is not as per their satisfaction, only then they should go for the oil. Moreover men who have acne prone skin should apply little oil for a shorter duration because that may further aggravate the acne problem and lead to acne breakout. (Oil over Oil guys!!)

Precautions associated with Minoxidil oil

You have seen the magic, but be a little careful. You have seen the positives, but just as a precautionary measure, there may be little hiccups in using this oil (Don’t be scared! Trust me its magical!) . After application of the oil, you might feel burning sensation but it would fade away within few minutes (Just like your Aftershave champ, only if you have used one!). Also, when you are on minoxidil cycle, continue it, don’t get scared of beard hair fall. After 2-3 days, it will be normal. Use it for 25-30 days and see the difference!

Hope you liked the article. Keep following for some better ideas and tips on grooming! See ya! Till then stay Smart!

You can check my video for better understanding.

How to Grow Beard Faster and Thicker