Mustache Style Trends 2019 | Handlebar Mustache Styles ft. Ranveer Singh Style | Indian Men’s Guide


Mustache Style Trends for Men 2019 is here. Handlebar mustache is the most trending mustache style for this year. Ranveer Singh style is also featured in this video.

Mustache And beard style is an ever changing topic in this era of fashion enthusiasts. This video is a continued part of our previous video on mustache growing tips.
In this video, I’ve shared some mustache styles for every men to try once in their lifetime. Trimming beard and mustache trimming is an important part of Men’s Grooming, so the first half of this video is about mustache trimming.
Then the second half is about styling your mustache and beard styles. I’ve covered the trending mustache styles that is Handlebars.
I’ve also shared How to style mustache like Ranveer Singh Style. Ranveer Singh has nailed it when it comes to mustache styles and beard styles.

Other mustache styles I’ve covered –
• Lower Handlebar
• Modern Handlebar
• Classic Handlebar
• Thick and Full
• Seperated Handlebar
• Bajirao Style

Tips for faster facial hair growth –

• Mantain a balanced diet including proteins and fibres to boost the facial growth.
• COMB the hair of your mustache in the direction of hair growth to shape it well.
• If you don’t have any facial hair growth, start applying onion juice to that particular area. It promotes facial hair growth.

Mustache Style Trends 2019